My Tinkering Projects

Earl, the Erlang IRC Bot

I've been working with Jonathan Poole on an IRC bot written in Erlang (a functional and concurrent programming language).

Spring 2014

Furby Choir

A project by Daniel Knox and I to create a furby choir, for Fresher's Fayre

Autumn 2013

D67 Oscilloscope

Stripping down and cleaning up a 1971 oscilloscope

Autumn 2013

Weather Machine

Designs for an indoor weather simulator

Autumn 2013

Gwen, the C# IRC Bot

My very own IRC bot, to add to the others. Becase.. IRC!

Summer 2013

Tube Amplifier

I designed a tube amplifier PCB with linear power supply, based on a design I found on

Summer 2013


Laser cut a K9!

Spring 2013

TinkerSoc LED Message Scroller

A very simple project which controls 2 8x8 LED matrices to scroll messages and images

Spring 2013

Arduino GLCD Clock

A GLCD based clock controlled by and Arduino. This is the first hardware project I've done.

Summer 2010