Arduino Based GLCD Clock

A 192x64 GLCD Clock, based around an Arduino.



This was one of my first projects, and was done back in 2010 - I was 15. It's not well maintained, and not very elegant, but I have put it on here for posterity.

The clock is a simple GLCD clock, it uses the crystal oscillator of the Arduino to keep time, and seemed accurate. It used all of the Arduino's I/O, most of it was taken up for the parallel interface to the GLCD, a PWM pin for the speaker, and then the remainder was used for the 4 buttons (up, down, back and select).

It had some of the examples from the Arduino GLCD Playground page, such as the Game of Life. It also played the Imperial march as the alarm music.


Download the Source

I can't license this source, as not all of it is mine, however I'll post it here for people to look at and do what they will with. The parts which aren't mine are marked in the file headers, but I'll atribute them here too.

	  * scribble drawing routine adapted from TellyMate scribble Video sketch
	  * An asteroid type game made by biegematchbox
	  * for imperial march sheet music see:
	  * this is just a translation of said sheet music to frequencies / time in ms
	  * the music code is missing - if this is your's contact me.
	  * Game of Life code from
	  * in the KS0108 examples

These credits in mind, you can download it here, or you can browse the source in your web browser here.

Licensed as CC-BY-NC 3.0, 2013

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