TinkerSoc Message Scroller

A Maxim 7219 based LED message scroller.



This is a simple arduino project to send images and such to a two 8x8 LED maticies using the Maxim 7219 LED driver chips.


Sorry for the awful quality, this was recorded with my phone

Download the Source Code

I can't license the code on this one, as the basics weren't written by me, it is atributed at the top of the file, but I'll reiterate it here:

	  The orginal code was written for the Wiring board by:
	  * Nicholas Zambetti and Dave Mellis /Interaction Design Institute Ivrea /Dec 2004
	  * http://www.potemkin.org/uploads/Wiring/MAX7219.txt
	  First modification by:
	  * Marcus Hannerstig/  K3, malm� h�gskola /2006
	  * http://www.xlab.se | http://arduino.berlios.de
	  This version is by:
	  * Simon Cooksey / University of Kent /2013
	  * http://tinkering.graymalk.in/ledScroller
	  * @acknowledgements: eric f.

Download it here.

Licensed as CC-BY-NC 3.0, 2013

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